Charlotte is a peaceful and silent lake to enjoy birds. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET FROM NERAL TO MATHERAN CAN BE FOUND ON THE CORRESPONDING MUMBAI-MATHERAN PAGE. Image Credits – YouTube. Etc ) as well as the Naral Matheran Toy Train can also be done online or, You set off on the old Bombay Pune road through Dadar, Chembur, New Bombay…. Dasturi Garden. The journey, whether by road or rail is a delight in itself. It is a steep and narrow road but well surfaced for the most part. Once again you will have to pay a toll for using the old Bombay Pune Road. Wild bush, ancient trees, birds and rocky outcrops flit by. There was no phone in the room. Instructions on how to get from Neral to Matheran can be found on the corresponding Mumbai-Matheran Page. Take the first left turn after the station. It is a open parking under tree shades. Matheran center is a 40-minute walk from Dasturi Car Park. If you forgot to cover up your car, You many find your car door and roof muddy as these monkeys try hard to open car doors and peep inside for some food (As said by locals). With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at dasturi car parking and taxi point, Matheran. The entire road from Thane to Matheran is in very good condition (as noted in June 2006) Best route from Pune by your own vehicle: From Pune travel on Old Mumbai Pune highway. Dasturi Highway Police. Name . Koyna Exp. Local Business. To address this, Matheran Hill Station Municipal Council wishes to conceive and implement an improved parking site at Dasturi Car Park. You marvel at the technology, skill and will to conquer the steep gradient. You get on to the Mumbai Pune Expressway at Panvel. Filter reviews . First time riders, Ride from Aman Lodge near Dasturi to Matheran Hill station is also a perfect fun ride of 25 minutes. Room type Book now . Buses are asked to stop 2.5 km from the city and after that you need to cover the remaining way either on a horseback, rickshaw or go walking. Dasturwad. (Here you will need to Pay a Toll at the toll-booth for using the expressway). From here one can walk with a porter (Rs. They very well know that people keep their food and belonging in the plastic bags and they quickly grab the same. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET FROM NERAL TO MATHERAN CAN BE FOUND ON THE CORRESPONDING MUMBAI-MATHERAN PAGE. … 10 entry of car, and taxes of Rs. For horse ride lovers, Riding from Dasturi to Matheran station is fun too. (refer to “Tips for Travelers” page for details). In December 2012, meeting was held by Matheran Authorities and MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) to save the eco-friendly hill station and they have come up with a decongestion plan. By road, you can take the Mumbai-Pune Highway and turn to Karjat Road, which leads to Dasturi Car Parking Point. Non AC in Nature Theme Setting: With vibrant rooms, huge windows, and a rustic theme, this is the best homestay for family, honeymooners, and backpackers. The road conditions are average to good but narrow, The ride and turns are very steep. Here you can view a wonderful scene from the valley and also this point seems like heart, therefore it … Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways. per hour through virgin forests, forgotten hamlets and monkey land. See Also : Upcoming Longest Ropeway, S T Bus Timings From Karjat and Mahabaleshwar Hill Station Attractions. For additional charges, Lord's Central Hotel can arrange to have you picked up at any point in Mumbai or Pune by tourist taxi. Once the facilities and services starts, Only new Eco-Friendly buses will be allowed to go till top and only those who have booked hotel rooms will be allowed till Dasturi parking area. Below are sample of the tickets given at Dasturi Naka. Hotels near Dasturi Car Park with Parking in Matheran; Matheran. We took economy rooms.Though we did not have much expectations but it was just okay. No vehicles are allowed after this point. Children . There few patches that are small so mind your steps. Reach there in the morning and you'll get to park near to the entrance/exit. My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Approximately 18 kms later, you turn right as per a big green sign, in Chouk town. Dasturi, Matheran. Sneha65 wrote a review Apr 2020. Hart Point : A ghat (valley) view showing greenery. The charge for one full taxi (max 5 pax) is Rs. Reviews (504) Write a review. See all 504 reviews. Phone . this will bring you to a crossing where a big green sign asks you to turn left for Karjat/Matheran. From here, you can walk to Aman Lodge station and hop onto the toy train. from Mumbai, 800 mts. It is the only mountain station near city to effectively beat summer heat in beautiful green hillocks, A wonder picnic spot for a day or overnight stay that too enjoying many attractions. (Near McDonalds)…Make sure you get onto the expressway as otherwise you will spend an hour getting through the congested streets of Panvel. Matheran, as the crow flies, is 30 kms. Here you can park your car, however, parking is also on Nerl but he will have to take a taxi to come upstairs and at the distance of just 10 minutes from the park Aman Lodge Station, you can take Matheran to the train with Matheran You can reach the station right here at the distance of 2 km. The breakdown of those charges is as follows. : 4 Point which are ideal for sunrise are Panorama Point (5.20 Km), Rambaug Point Garbut Point (4.80 Km) and Porcupine Point. Transportation Service. One among the a lot of attractive points within Matheran will be the Heart Point. Louisa Point : If you are photo lover and want some nice clicks, Louisa is the point to click waterfalls, group of birds, valley and some other points that can be seen from here. price per night. Bus Station. 25. Then on, nature moves into higher gear. There is only one parking lot at Dasturi and citizens have alleged that there are agents to help with parking, for a cost. It is sure fascinating for first timers to enjoy the deep valley and visit the dam area which is one of the main attractions. 9 km After turning left you reach another crossing outside Karjat where you need to turn left towards Neral. The officials further said that the work order for Dasturi to Matheran pathway and parking work was issued in September 2019 and the completion date is May 2022. When you reach the car park find a parking space in the designated area and park your car. Therefore a Detailed Project Report for improvement of Dasturi Car Park site is being prepared. : Sunset Point (3.20 Lm), Mount Berry Point (4 Km), Charllote Lake (0.80 Km), Olympia Ground 2 Km), Dasturi Point (3 Km), Paymaster Park (1.20 Km). 11 km After turning left, you will reach the bottom of the Matheran Hill ghat road. Enjoy scenic locations and sightseeing options and do some adventure sports around. Dasturi Naka Bus Station. Good Experience in “Woods”: MTDC, Matheran - See 129 traveller reviews, 136 photos, and cheap deals for MTDC, Matheran at Tripadvisor. Follow the Old Pune, Bombay road towards Bombay upto a distance of 18 kms past Khopoli, you turn right as per a big green sign, in Chouk town. From main entry gate below (Matheran Taxi Stand), the distance to Dasturi naka car parking is 6.7 Km which takes about 10 minutes of zigzag road ride. Walk for 30 mins straight with Valley views and cliffs. Toy train. You visit here couple of more times and except horse rides (If you love) & the serenity & fresh climate to relax and have some rest and quality time, You might not love to go for these sightseeing points. The monkeys get bolder. No vehicles are allowed to pass this point but it's a pleasant 40-minute walk to the center of Matheran and Lord's Central Hotel 2 minutes later. The concrete jungle with its unsightly aberrations gives way to rolling plains, fields & meadows till you suddenly hit the foothills. Yes, you can easily reach Matheran driving from Pune.You can take your car/bike till dasturi car parking which is 15 km from Neral.From dasturi, Matheran is just 30 min of slow walking.Let me know if you have any more queries. Horse ride charges during Non Peak Season / Off season are Rs.300 for 4 to 6 Sightseeing points and Rs.450 for 12 sightseeing points. It is said that the night view from hart point shows the lighted Mumbai city. 4. The only awaited hope is that it should start its services till Neral station, Which was expected in first quarter or mid of 2018 and is already 2020, But it didn’t. There were very frequent power cuts and there was no adequate generator backup. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. From here as said, take the option you love. I Would recommend take a horse ride option of 4, 7 or 12 Points (See Below) and check yourself. When you reach the car park find a … And you grow younger. After many technical glitches and route repairs, This toy train started its services back in November 2017 after some one year gap, gaining its popularity. The new zip line adventure sport started in May 2012, which is a peak summer season at Matheran. See 3 photos and 1 tip from 28 visitors to Dasturi Car Park. Local Business . Economy rooms are … : This Horse Ride tour will cover all 5 Points (as above) and Coronation Point, Rustamji Point, Chenoy Point, Maldunga Point, Porcupine Point, Malet Spring Point. Trust me, a little dare as first timer rider, It is really fun riding on the horse powers that too in a chilling winters afternoon at this hill station. One can get horse/Baggi from here as well, to reach Matheran market(2.5 kms from here). However you can drive up and park your car at Dasturi car point, or take the newly introduced mini bus shuttle from Karjat or Neral railway stations up to Dasturi. CST departure at 7:10 AM aboard theDeccan Express or 9:00 AM aboard the Koyna Express. Dasturi Car Parking Parking fees of Rs.30 per day and extra charge of Rs.50 as some kind of Municipal tax is been charged here. Now this exit gets you back onto the Old Bombay Pune Road. Just in 30 mins you will reach the point. The ride between Dasturi Naka and Neral station is very beautiful as one sees the beautiful valley of Matheran hill station. Or otherwise, every hour or so aboard the Karjat local trains.

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