Teammates rely upon and support one another to reach a common goal. Although this is an ongoing process, I am discovering every day key components that will help me further succeed. Regarding student athletes overall educational experience, there needs to more of an emphasis on academics. At many times, I thought I couldn't last one more day. According to a study done by the NCAA, student-athletes graduate at significantly … I did and life went on. Having the responsibility of putting school first when it seems like a majority of the time spent each day is focused on the athlete … For each athlete, it might mean something a little different, but usually there are a few things that come to mind when we think of ourselves as student-athletes. Student athletes must learn to manage their time so they can succeed in college, so they can get a good job, and live a successful life. As a student-athlete, the hours of the day start passing you by and the prospect of a social life becomes slim to none. Creatine is not recommended for young athletes because of questions about the long-term safety of its use, but pressures to 'be the best' have increased as the margin between first-class and second-class athletes grows ever more razor-thin (Dunn et al. I find myself having to actually define what being a student athlete truly means. The procedure for being a student athlete involves the student signing a Letter ofIntent with the college they intend to join. Student athletes also tend to deal with added pressure and stress. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. Although being a student-athlete is hard, you will learn so much and be given opportunities other students don't receive. Like every student, athletes need to pass their classes, but unlike regular students, they are required to uphold a certain GPA. There are issues regarding student athletes versus the general student boy and some African American student athletes having a harder time with academics. The student athlete learns to work well and in conjunction with others. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Between studying, class, practices and games, your team eventually becomes your only source of a social life. As a student athlete, we are considered first a student. In the article “The NCAA and the Athletes It Fails” the author explains “And though the NCAA wisely mandates that student athletes put in no more than 20 hours per week on sports so they have time to study, its own recent survey shows that student athletes in big-time sports put in nearly 45 hours per week” …show more content… Browse essays about Student Athletes and find inspiration. Even though being a student-athlete means that being a student comes first, and an athlete second, these lines get blurred and are very hard to keep prioritized. Academic success is critical for student-athletes. What does it mean to be a student-athlete?I'll tell you one thing, it means a heck of a lot more than just playing a game on the weekend in a school colored uniform. No matter how bad your day is, the next day is an opportunity to make it a good day. The role of a student athlete is to balance the workload of education, and the commitment to a sport, all in one day. A student athlete shows loyalty to teammates by being dependable and responsible, showing up for all practices and putting forth his/her best physical and mental effort. Life Will Go On.

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